You have to love something that makes your kids smarter, keeps them happily occupied for hours, and isn't TV. In this case, that something is The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain.

This third installment in the immensely popular Dr. Brain series gives kids 10 different wildly entertaining puzzles to solve-each challenging the 10 learning centers in real live kid brains. Some involve mazes, others memory games, and there's plenty of fun with words and music. Since you can set the degree of difficulty, both ten-year olds and teens can have their brains put to the test.

But here's the real truth. These puzzles are also a blast for those of us who, ahem, haven't doodled on a Pee Chee for many moons. (My favorite: sending the right colored balls down the railroad track maze to the station.)

So don't get the idea this is some stuffy, bookish "learning aid." The puzzles are pure fun, surprisingly funny, and always a challenge. If you've got kids, buying The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain is clearly a no-brainer.


There's an object to this game: Help restore Dr. Brain's brain which he accidentally

transferred to his rodent assistant, Rathbone.

In times when you have nothing to work on and just stay at home to laze around, you will always find yourself getting bored and will look for something that might bring the fun in boring times like these. There are a lot of ways to kill boredom, you can go find a delicious recipe and cook or clean the house but those are really tiring, aren’t they? You can also go out and shop or stay in a coffee shop and read but those activities will cost you a penny and if you are a practical person, you won’t love those kinds of ideas. So here’s a site to play Minecraft for free, which is a great way to kill some time and have lots of fun! You will surely have an amazing time in this game since you can do pretty much anything you can imagine. It is exciting and challenging that will surely make your brain work out plenty.

Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. The whole game occurs inside a sandbox. This video game is created and developed by Markus “Notch” Person and is now a very famous game for kids and even for adults. The game includes creative and building aspects that allow players to build constructions out of a textured cube. It also includes exploration, resources gathering, crafting and combat. Minecraft is an interactive game that can be played solely or by group. It is a fun way to kill the time and to increase you creativity and strategic skills.

Different modes of the game

  • Survival Mode

This mode game allows players to acquire resources like wood and stone in order to craft certain block and items. It also has a health bar feature that allows you to track the remaining life energy you have which depletes during attacks of monsters, falls and falling lava. The main goal of the mode is to maintain health and be able to build your own Minecraft world.

  • Creative Mode

Players in this mode are given unlimited resources to build and ability to fly. In this game mode, players can easily remove or add items from the inventory menu.

  • Adventure Mode

Adventure mode is added in Minecraft version 1.3. In this game mode, players can explore customized adventure maps created by other players. It is specifically designed so that players can experience random adventures created by their co-players.

  • Spectator Mode

As the name implies, this game mode will allow player to become a spectator. It gives the players the ability to fly around and observe the game without interacting and joining any of the activities that occur.

Game Play

The game can be played in any possible way you want. There is no such specific strategy to be able to complete and win the game. Players can play Minecraft for free anyway they want because this game is a free interactive video game. It depends on the players to develop their own strategy to win and defeat other players.

Playing online games is such a popular thing to do nowadays with the rise of technology. Both young and old find time to play games online. They choose the one that interests them, and you can also choose from thousands of online games that are offered by some gaming sites. They play games online to get rid of their boredom or to unwind from the stress and exhaustion. This can relax them for a while and might even change their bad mood to a good mood! Some play in their homes and some play while they are traveling via mobile devices.

The Advantages of Playing Games Online

According to some researchers, most online games can increase and sharpen the intellectual skills. This is because of the skill used and the understanding required for the mechanics in the game. Most of the blocks you see are 3D cubes, and can be placed adjacent to another one. With this mechanic, the players can visualize how to shape their environment when building new structures.

Some of the games are so difficult to play, such as mind boggling MOBAs with hundreds of different skills. These games require a lot of training and grinding to fully understand what moves are required to win the game. Sometimes these types of games can be too challenging, so playing games like Minecraft are a great way to relax your mind.

There are other maps in Minecraft that have unique mechanics and you can do many things on servers that host these maps, such as mini games where you can play multiple games in one server. This means you can do building, crafting, working, harvesting, fighting and combat in one game.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games on the planet and is played by millions of people every day! At the official website of Minecraft you can download this game for around 27 bucks. You can also try Minecraft free at This is a good opportunity to play this well-loved game online without compromise.


Although there is no real “goal,” the main thing to do in Minecraft is construction via blocks, just like Legos. The setting is in 3D form, and this makes the game’s replayability skyrocket because you can explore the world, find other players to build projects, start a farm, and much more. You can see your own creations and enjoy a nice, fresh moment of gratification.


There are two primary modes in Minecraft, called Creative Mode and Survival Mode. With the creative mode, you are given an opportunity to build any structure that you like, whether be a castle or house. You can also fly and see everything around you. To leave your hard work unimpeded, you will not experience hunger or tiredness in this mode.

The most challenging mode is the survival mode. With this mode you will feel hunger and exhaustion, so you must go out and find food in the unique, bizarre world you spawned in. At night you have to defend yourself from the spiders, zombies, and monsters. Once you survived all these things you can play the game for a longer time and craft more weapons and tools to further progress through the game.

It’s been a very very slow week despite big sales to make more money during a time where sales are usually low. So alas, dear reader, nothing has happened that would make for an interesting or funny tale. The new guy is being shifted around to minimize his impact on the store. He still can’t be trusted to do things right even after being shown and told multiple times. No one wants to work with him anymore and he seems oblivious to the fact that he’s been shown how to do something more than once and still can’t do it. I have no idea what the manager was thinking when he hired this goof. Maybe he was slipped a fifty and a hand job, who knows?

In other news, the manager is still sweating the upcoming audit. Things are slowly starting to fall in place as far as inventory and counts and organization. Of course this is mostly thanks to me and not very much thanks to the manager. I swear he is a walking example of The Peter Principle if I’ve ever seen one. I still can’t understand how he gets by like he does.

Our dress code is business casual and dress shoes on. Given our clientele I never really understood that. I mean, though I’m not a jeans person, but I think a nice pair of unaltered jeans and a nice shirt should be acceptable dress code. Heck even let them wear sneakers as long as they’re not old and beaten up. I mean, why is it my 6 year old scuffed, torn, slightly fraying “dress shoes” are acceptable but nice clean sneakers aren’t? The clothes I usually wear are in dress code anyway but I don’t see how being more casual is going to be a problem.

School’s ending and the part-timers are getting anxious for more hours. The sad thing is there aren’t any and I don’t think there’s going to be any. I don’t see the store getting anymore hours allotted to the weekly total until we get to Christmas season. I don’t know how the manager will deal with it but I can see one of them leaving if he’s not happy with how things work out. I don’t know if I’m sadder about him maybe leaving or us ending up with another “new guy” like the current one.

We’d like to extend our gratitude for the vigorous testing and feedback from our community this past year. Since launching our Alpha testing phase we’ve seen over 11,000 players build their empires and mercilessly crush their foes. Over this time we’ve made hundreds of balance changes and features additions, along with thousands of bug fixes, dramatically improving the game on every level.

The Empire Game has now returned to internal testing while we seek additional funding and continue to develop and improve the user experience on the ‘meta’ level; adding trophies, custom games, detailed histories, formal alliances and much more. Check back at for any and all updates in the future!

There are several games which rose to fame in the recent years. From classic games such as Starcraft and Warcraft, to the celebrated Warcraft mod turned game DOTA. Other games such as the Sims are also nice and would go down the annals of history as a successful series of games netting billions of dollars. Some games while famous because of loaded developers where in a whole company was focusing on a single game; others have more humble origins yet rose to superstar status all the same. One such game is Minecraft.


Minecraft was a game coded in the year 2009 and ever since then became history. Developed by  Markus Persson, Minecraft is an extraordinary sandbox RPG with near boundless potential. Capable of being played both single and multiplayer and both online and offline, it is no surprise why Minecraft rose to fame at such a rapid pace.

Before anything else though, member certification is a must. You must first log in from an account you created which costs a few bucks. With that being said though, there are literally thousands of Minecraft accounts being sold on the web at a cheaper value. Aside from this, there are other ways where one can get an account for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

How to Play

Since Minecraft is still under development, it will actually be under development for a long time since it is evolving all the time. If you want to test it out though, there are sample or trial versions of Minecraft online available for you. Softonic has a short guide on how to play Mineraft for free. Several Minecraft versions exist for you to be able to enjoy the game without shelling out a single penny, but you have to make sure that you log on online to actually try out the game, and then later on can you opt to play the offline versions.

The reason why this game is so popular is because it has near endless potential. It is up to your creativity to build something grandiose and the world of Minecraft online is so massive it would not even be possible to explore all of it in one sitting. The only limit to the game is the limit to creativity. With the available objects and items available to you, the world is at your disposal and you can choose what you will build as you investigate the environment. Defending yourself is another objective as threats can possibly pop out of nowhere, especially at night. All of these are possible even with a free Minecraft game.

As mentioned before, this game is constantly being updated by their developers (now at Microsoft). A lot of content is being added daily plus you can invite others into your world, making the possibilities virtually endless. Minecraft has all of these to offer and many more, and is truly one of the most stunning and rich games available and will leave you asking for more!